Dolphin E20

For cleaning the floor and walls of the pool

The pool easily accumulates trash and dirt. Dolphin E20 cleans the pool floor and walls of dirt and algae, leaving crystal clear bathing water. The pool robot brushes, cleans and vacuum for you.


Manually cleaning the pool is laborious and cleaning the bottom even difficult. The pool robot will always keep your pool clean and spectacular. Pure bathing water also reduces the need for chemicals.

The pool robot is easy to empty and clean from the top of the unit. The Dolphin E Series is lightweight and ergonomically designed. The pool robot has a coarse filter that collects, for example, leaves, needles, insects, etc. An optional finer filter for pollen is available.

Technical information

  • Cleans pool bottom and walls
  • Fully automatic, ie very easy
  • Highly efficient, fast vacuuming
  • No load on the filtration equipment
  • Suitable for all swimming pools
  • Easy to clean, open-top model
  • Operating time approx. 1,5h
  • Cable length 12m
  • Weight 6.3kg
  • Suction power 15m3 / h
  • 24 months warranty


Maytronics is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of swimming pool robots. The company has focused exclusively on swimming pool robots since 1982, when they have nearly 40 years of experience in pool cleaning. Dolphin pool robots are of the highest quality and used around the world.

CleverClean ™ Coverage – An accurate navigation system

Advanced scanning software and navigation system for thorough cleaning and optimal routing. Dolphin Pool Robot learns swimming pool dimensions and shapes, automatically navigates past obstacles and returns to its cleaning pattern.