Fairland Rapid heat pump

The Rapid heat pump can be operated with outdoor temperatures up to -7 degrees. The unit has only 45dB running noise, which is quieter than the refrigerator. Energy class is A.
The Fairland Rapid heat pump is factory-filled with environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant, requiring only pipe and electrical connections. We provide all devices with a WiFi module so that the pump can be remotely controlled by phone or tablet.The Fairland Rapid is suitable for all pool volumes, but especially for swimming pools over 40m3, the efficiency is better compared to an on-off heat pump. For swimming pools under 40m3, the PHNIX Norm on-off heat pump is also suitable.

Technical information

  • Mitsubishi Electric compressor
  • Operating temperature -7 ° C to 43 ° C
  • Soft start
  • Very quiet
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Titanium coil changer
  • Electric 4-way valve
  • Silver solder in refrigerant tubes
  • WiFi Remote Control
  • Operating voltage 230V

Why a heat pump?

Air heat pumps enable energy-efficient heating of the swimming pool at low cost. At operating cost, air heat pumps consume up to 80% less electricity than a conventional electric heater.

Fairland as a manufacturer

Fairland is the market leader in pool heating equipment manufacturers. Their technology is made by the respected Japanese Mitsubishi Electric. Each device is tested at the factory.


Choose the right size heat pump

Model Pool volume Details Price
RIC 26 <40m3 10,5kW
89×36×65cm, 49kg
RIC 33 40-45m3 13kW
95×36×65cm, 50kg
RIC 40 45-50m3 15kW
95×36×65cm, 52kg
RIC 45 50-60m3 17,5kW
95×43×65cm, 63kg
RIC 55 60-70m3 20,5kW
95×43×75cm, 78kg
RIC 70 70-100m3 27,3kW
108×43×95cm, 110kg
RIC 100 100-150m3 35,8kW
115×54×95cm, 120kg