PHNIX Norm heat pump

PHNIX Norm is a safe choice for pool heating. Norm is an on-off heat pump, ie its compressor starts when heating is required. The device has a maximum efficiency (COP) of up to 6.

The heat pump has a titanium heat exchanger. The unit is factory-filled with refrigerant, requiring only pipe and electrical connection. The unit can be operated with 0 degrees outside air. The unit’s operating sound is only about 50dB.

Norm heat pumps feature heating, cooling and an auto function that keeps the pool temperature desired. The unit has a clear and easy to use control panel with temperature display.

Norm models are suitable for swimming pools up to 40m3. For larger pools, the Fairland Rapid inverter heat pump achieves better efficiency.

Norm heat pumps are made from high quality components and are proven to be suitable for the northern climate. Each device is tested at the factory. The warranty for the heat pump is 3 years, for the compressor and for the heat exchanger 10 years.

Technical information

  • Operating voltage 230V
  • Electric 4-way valve
  • Silver solder in refrigerant tubes
  • Pressure gauge
  • Operating range 0 – 43°C
  • Refrigerant R 410a

Why a heat pump?

Air heat pumps enable energy efficient heating of the swimming pool at low cost. At best, the efficiency (COP) can be as high as 6. At operating costs, air heat pumps consume significantly less electricity than a conventional electric heater.

Choose the right size heat pump

Prices include shipping. Estimated delivery in 2 weeks.

Model Pool capacity Power Price
Norm 6 <20m3 6kW 885€
Norm 8 20-25m3 8kW 1055€
Norm 12 25-30m3 10kW 1165€
Norm 14 30-40m3 14kW 1350€